21 Apr 2014

Tomorrow marks the release of FRACT, a musical exploration video game where you discover the secrets of an abandoned world that was once built on sound. This TRON-inspired video game cleverly teaches you how to play a synthesizer through the solving of musical puzzles. As you progress through the game, you end up building your own electronic music studio which allows you to create, export and share your own tracks.

The game’s score has a warm and fuzzy, very analog sound thanks to Mogi Grumbles. Last week I sat down for a Google Hangout with Mogi, known off the grid as Alex Taam, to talk about his experience scoring FRACT. Seated at what looked like the helm of a spaceship if spaceships were made of vintage synthesizers, Alex first told me how he had gotten the gig. “I was just doing what I love”, he said. The game’s developers had heard his TRON soundtrack remake (in 2011, Mogi Grumbles released for free ‘End of Line’ a modern re-visioning of the score to the original TRON movie) which he had done just for the fun of it, and so they contacted him.

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